Best Sellers

Curious to see which are the best-sellers? Here's an up-to-date listing of our best-selling honeys:
photo of raw honey - tupelo
Kerry Owen's
raw honey - tupelo
Known for its mild floral and fruity flavor, Tupelo Honey is light golden in color.
photo of honey sampler - premium
honey sampler - premium
Enjoy a selection of our premium honey options: Manuka, Tupelo, and Sourwood.
photo of raw honey - black teas
LeeAnn Townsend's
raw honey - black teas
Known for its recognizable aroma, this Orange Blossom honey is dense and richly sweet.
photo of raw honey - green teas
Chris Maxwell's
raw honey - green teas
Our Raw Honey for Green tea is a specially selected variety of Goldenrod Honey.
photo of raw honey - fruit tisanes
Mark Bedillion's
raw honey - fruit tisanes
Produced from the nectar of the Black Locust plant.
photo of raw honey - meadowfoam
Karen Finley's
raw honey - meadowfoam
Known for its light and subtle flavor, with a delicate sweetness and a hint of floral undertones.
photo of raw honey - garden herbals
Mark Bedillion's
raw honey - garden herbals
Our Raw Garden Herbals Honey has been specially selected to pair with our more herbaceous tisanes.
photo of whipped honey - cinnamon
Chris Maxwell's
whipped honey - cinnamon
A perfect addition to your daily chais, drizzling in oatmeal or even spread on toast.