whipped honey

Whipped Honey (also known as creamed honey, cream honey, honey butter, honey spread, granulated honey or shipped honey) is the most popular state of honey in Europe. Whipped Honey is honey where a slow and controlled crystallization process has taken place. With controlled temperature and large sugar crystal size, the result is a spreadable honey with a silky mouth feel, almost marshmallow-like! This delicious honey that has earned its place on the breakfast table. Spread it on toast or eat right off the spoon!

3 Honeys

photo of whipped honey - chocolate
Chris Maxwell's
whipped honey - chocolate
We've taken our clover honey and whipped it up with cocoa powder.
photo of whipped honey - cinnamon
Chris Maxwell's
whipped honey - cinnamon
A perfect addition to your daily chais, drizzling in oatmeal or even spread on toast.
photo of whipped honey - matcha
Chris Maxwell's
whipped honey - matcha
We've taken our blueberry honey and whipped it up with matcha powder to create something so delectable.