raw honey

Honey, one of the world's oldest sweeteners, comes from flower nectar that has been consumed by the honey bee. Known as the "nectar of the gods" as far back as 5,000 years ago it was used for medicinal purposes, in cooking, and as a preservative in cosmetics, soaps, and even the beeswax has been used for candles. Our raw honey is packaged without the use of high temperatures to provide as close to the experience of heating out of the hive as possible- positively irresistable!

11 Honeys

photo of raw honey - tupelo
Kerry Owen's
raw honey - tupelo
Known for its mild floral and fruity flavor, Tupelo Honey is light golden in color.
photo of raw honey - meadowfoam
Karen Finley's
raw honey - meadowfoam
Known for its light and subtle flavor, with a delicate sweetness and a hint of floral undertones.
photo of raw honey - sourwood
David Simonson's
raw honey - sourwood
Sourwood Honey is a sought-after variety prized by connoisseurs and is known for its light amber appearance.
photo of raw honey - manuka 100+
Pacific Resource's
raw honey - manuka 100+
Characterized as earthy, complex and slightly mineral, it also has a hint menthol notes.
photo of raw honey - star thistle
Ryan Lieuallen's
raw honey - star thistle
Boasts a rich, robust flavor with hints of nuttiness and a warm, slightly spicy finish.
photo of raw honey - buckwheat
Ryan Lieuallen's
raw honey - buckwheat
Harvested from the nectar of the buckwheat flower.
photo of raw honey - black locust
Mark Bedillion's
raw honey - black locust
Produced from the nectar of the Black Locust plant.
photo of raw honey - goldenrod
Mark Bedillion's
raw honey - goldenrod
Enjoy this light, gently sweet floral honey!
photo of raw honey - bamboo
Chris Maxwell's
raw honey - bamboo
The distinct dark amber color and deep, rich flavor make it a superb choice.
photo of raw honey - blueberry
Mark Bedillion's
raw honey - blueberry
This monofloral honey features a medium amber color and a slightly floral flavor.
photo of raw honey - orange blossom
LeeAnn Townsend's
raw honey - orange blossom
Known for its recognizable aroma, this Orange Blossom honey is dense and richly sweet.