honey samplers

These sampler sets are a great and easy way to taste a variety of new types of honey. These are not only a tasty addition to any home to expand your palate, they also make cute gifts! Each sampler contains three adorable glass 4oz jars that any sweet-tooth would be happy to get their hands on!

4 Honeys

photo of honey sampler - black & green
honey sampler - black & green
This set includes of our raw Goldenrod, Orange Blossom, and Whipped Matcha honeys.
photo of honey sampler - premium
honey sampler - premium
Enjoy a selection of our premium honey options: Manuka, Tupelo, and Sourwood.
photo of honey sampler - whipped
honey sampler - whipped
Our whipped honey collection includes Cinnamon, Matcha, and Chocolate.
photo of honey sampler - herbals
honey sampler - herbals
Dig into our Japanese Knotweed, Black Locust, and Blueberry honeys!