Karen Finley

How long have you been keeping bees and what got you started?
I started keeping bees about 30 years ago. When I was in graduate school my office mate had a pile of old beekeeping equipment in his garage. We caught a few swarms and I volunteered with an old man beekeeper in the area so I could learn bees, then stayed on to work with him for several years on and off. Soon I started some hives of my own and fell in love with the trade and the golden honeybee. Since then Queen Bee Honey has grown and added my husband, daughter (she makes lovely beeswax candles) and entire other family of helpers to our team.
What is your favorite part of keeping bees?
My favorite part of beekeeping is that it has allowed me a way to explore and connect with my community, plants and people, wild lands and farms.
photo of raw honey - meadowfoam
Karen Finley's
raw honey - meadowfoam
Known for its light and subtle flavor, with a delicate sweetness and a hint of floral undertones.